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adoption-network-law-centerRe B-S (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1146 – Read judgment 

is the latest Judgment of the Court of Appeal on non-consensual adoption since the Supreme Court authorized a closer scrutiny of first instance decisions In re B (A Child) (Care Proceedings: Threshold Criteria)[2013] UKSC 33, [2013] 1 WLR 1911 (see comment by Rosalind English here)

It is also the most authoritative (the case was allocated to Lord Dyson MR, the President of the Family Division and Black LJ) and uses to strong language about the current inattention to Human Rights in care and adoption proceedings.

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From: M M Simmons

19 August 2013

Dear Worcestershire County Council,

Under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 i wish to request any
information recorded/published on how i can best stop employees of
this Council sending out wrong sensitive data belonging to other
children as well as myself to wrong addresses other than myself
informing the ICO?

I wish to inform i believe this breaks the DPA 1998 S:55,is
Maladministration when i have previously raised this several times
receiving Apologies both verbal and in writing and i did ask for
confirmation this mistake would not happen again but it is still
happening and with sensitive data involved.

I believe the letter i received through my door today with my
address on there and a child’s “full name” half ripped open on
receipt is meant for a child in the care system and is not intended
for me and i will ensure the letter is given straight to their
carer as fortunately i know who this is but may not have done had
it been another child like what happened before.

Lastly i would like to inform that the letter has the same address
on it as one where i recently received Apologies in writing,
informing me that it would now be written on future letters “to be
opened by the addressee only” and i was informed my data would now
be updated again but it appears to me this cannot be the case.This
is extremely concerning how often this is happening and i trust all
involved will receive a Written Apology at least?

I await your response.

Yours faithfully,

M M Simmons



Miscarriage Of Justice Alert In The UK Re: SS & Worc’s CC!

Published on May 26, 2014

I have now recorded a live update outlining how i got screwed over by Worcestershire Council Council, my Solicitor and others, concerning the forced adoption of my son.I forgot to mention i have been recovering alcoholic for 5 years when you view it and that when i wrote back to Jacqui Smith MP i got ignored.I also forget to mention the verbal apology i received from Gaye Evans SW at my house was upon hearing how i’d been set up and that when i was informed i had depression after their visit at my house last year (SS) i had not been on any anti depressants in 9 years! Then with the first stage complaint where i talk about my then partner being stopped staying over by SW Debbie Bailey, she fabricated evidence saying she had only done this for a limited amount of time (because she never told me this) Then last year after my first statement i wrote, they sent in a SW with “26” years experience but who had never met me in my life (as noticed by the Judge) Then where i refused to send my son Martin back to Residential care in Taunton i had both the Judge and the SW’s blessing! I will add further links to my description for you asap.



Why Stolen Children Of The UK Website Got Removed By Government 1

Published on Sep 19, 2014

In a nutshell it was because of my natural son’s photo being placed on the said website. Hear about the fraud with live recording and how in part 2 coming soon this got remedied in part whereby i was both punished for something i had not done myself, yet rewarded

I have waited a long time to tell this part of my story and i feel with events that followed (please refer to my video’s gag this! and exposing the Adoption Manageress who has since left for further details) i feel the time is right to tell my story here now. Part 2 coming soon and i was surprised how well in part this all turned out considering so stay tuned in how i addressed the fraud my way, the best way i knew how at that time and how by the time you view my two other videos as mentioned, i learnt how best to deal with potential Contempt that seemed likely to follow and how i came out of Court with a Court Order now in my favour

Another video that might interest you after viewing this one which is related, is called Be my parent website hypocrisy and Facebook, letterbox & fraud a 3 part live recording video how i handled a meeting whereby wrongful accusations were made against me accusing me of posting misleading information regards my son’s adoption telling of the fraud involved and stating how my son was illegally kidnapped and why the SW concerned got it wrong.

A further video related is called It’s ok they broke the law (as long as my forcibly illegally kidnapped son doesn’t see it) and why i am dedicated to making these videos to help you to help yourselves and in the process show where the system does get it wrong



Christmas 14 (We Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Us)

Published on Dec 8, 2014

A small selection of parents, grandparents, uncle’s, friends of family whom i helped to get their much loved pics of their natural children with a positive loving message created. Even during war times, weapons were downed with exchanges of handshakes during xmas time. All messages are the parents, families and friends own views and are all heartbroken missing their loved ones especially at this time of year.




I don’t normally write on financial cases, but this one is rather significant (and one can see that it might end up bleeding into other areas)


Seagrove v Sullivan (Practice Directions re bundles and citations of authorities) 2014

This was a case in which Mr Sullivan had lived with Ms Seagrove for over twenty years and they had had children together, but never married. The youngest child was ten. Mr Sullivan owned a house, valued at around £2,300,000.

The equity in that property amounted to about £1 million.

Ms Seagrove had made a claim under TOLATA Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996, and under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 to seek a financial interest in that property and its 14 acres of land, as there was no marriage ancillary relief was not an option.

The case came before Holman J.

He was, well aghast…

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Teachers and Doctors Could Be Barred For Failing to Report Female Genital Mutilation

Researching Reform

Under new proposals by the Home Office which have been published today in a consultation paper, the government is looking at the possibility of barring teachers and doctors who fail to report Female Genital Mutilation.

As teachers will not be in a position to visually confirm FGM, a potential duty on this group might be limited to victim disclosure, the paper tells us. Doctors would have a duty around disclosure but also observation. These are some of the issues the paper hopes to navigate and clarify with the feedback they hope to get on this proposal.

The consultation will run for five weeks, is fully open to the public and also hopes to hear from:

  • health care professionals,
  • the police,
  • the judiciary,
  • teachers,
  • social workers,
  • criminal justice practitioners,
  • victims of FGM,
  • organisations representing victims,
  • community groups and leaders,
  • front line workers,
  • service providers,
  • regulatory bodies,
  • the Disclosure and
  • Barring Service…

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Claridge’s: Falling Into The Booby Trap

Researching Reform

Hot off the heels of a story about a mother who was asked to cover herself with a large napkin whilst breastfeeding in Claridge’s comes a staged protest outside the establishment which saw around 25 mothers breastfeeding their children in front of the luxury hotel, yesterday.

The gripe, or gripe water, was simply this: women should not take their tits out in public. Or at least, that was Claridge’s breast efforts at explaining the hooha. What transpired though, was a rather less savoury turn of events.

The mother who sparked the protest, quietly eating her lunch at the hotel and nourishing her baby at the same time, was clearly well covered. What you notice from her Twitter timeline, where she posted a photo of herself feeding her baby, is that you cannot see any nipple, or flesh.

Now, when we first heard the story, we thought, fair enough. The hotel is…

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Serial – The Podcast Series Taking The Internet By Storm

Researching Reform

Serial is a series of podcasts which features one non fiction story a week, and was produced by the people who brought you This American Life.

The audio series’ first story explores the disappearance of a teenage girl in America in the 1990’s and the subsequent arrest, charge and imprisonment of her boyfriend who maintained throughout that he was innocent.

We first heard about Serial last night when a friend told us about it; they also explained that the production was quietly taking the internet by storm, with hoards of people hooked on it already, so given that it was child welfare related we felt we had to check it out, too. That, and the fact that it also raises interesting ethical questions about the nature of entertainment in the 21st century.

Although we haven’t listened to the first episode yet, shunning our burning curiosity for the time being…

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