REPOST: Parents, did you feel “set up to fail” during care proceedings?

‘The conference takes place at the beginning of February, so we would welcome as much input as you can offer over the next two weeks. We will keep sharing this post as well, so that you can come back to it whenever you would like to.’ Xx

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

As promised, we are republishing a post we shared last week inviting parents to share their experiences of care proceedings with a focus on which stages of the process they felt were unfair.

Researching Reform will show social work staff how the framework used in care proceedings sets parents up to fail and enables unjust child removals, at an event hosted by Neath Port Talbot social services.

The Public Law Outline (PLO) is a legal framework which acts as a form of guidance for the family court about how to manage care proceedings.

It contains the order of the different stages of the process; the matters to be considered at the main case management hearings; and timescales for each stage of the process which should be followed by the family courts and social work staff in order to resolve the proceedings within 26 weeks.

Initially created…

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2 thoughts on “REPOST: Parents, did you feel “set up to fail” during care proceedings?

  1. Sally jones says:

    What my family have endured from Northampton child trust is an absolute disgrace,started in 2017 still ongoing because of the incompetence inconsistency,set up to shut up after telltale social worker about a child At risk which died,we have never had an explanation,I’m fighting the fight for my family,.the only abuse my family have received is from NCT, 4 years 31 s/w imbeciles,we are living in hell !!

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