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Not sure this is the last nail in the coffin of HRA damages claims piggy-backing on care proceedings, but the bag of nails certainly isn’t full any more.

Be grateful it is nails. As the LA is Kirklees, I've been trying to think of a Shatner reference... Be grateful it is nails. As the LA is Kirklees, I’ve been trying to think of a Shatner reference…

The High Court have given judgment in Re CZ (Human Rights Claim:Costs) 2017

The fact that there was a breach is impossible to deny and the LA accepted it. (Even looking at the recent steer from the Hackney authority that failure to follow guidance does not amount without more to an actionable claim, this one goes far beyond that)

12.CZ was born by emergency caesarean section at X Hospital on 6 November. It was a traumatic birth and CZ was for a short time placed on the Special Care Baby Unit (‘SCBU’). The baby was slow to feed, and showed temporary normal…

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Fraud Adoption, Corrupt Process & Terrible Mistakes UK

Important Announcement & Viral Video

Warning. Your child/natural child could have been going under a false name from the time they were adopted, maybe even before that and not know. This is what’s happened to my son/natural son and first he knew was from me. This can cause identity issues both currently and in the future. It’s everyone’s rights to know their TRUE identity! In turn, this has confused the status as to whether I’m mum or said child is son by law and all my family’s human rights it appears have been breached from 10 years ago! It will not be a child’s fault when they did not know! This is the serious damage being caused to our children, to our families. How many children are not aware their identity’s have been toyed with! xx


Important Announcement & Viral Video

Human Rights, Kieron’s Law & Viral Video

Important Public Announcement needs to be shared everywhere and go viral because my case is just one which IS a miscarriage of justice and it COULD have or still COULD happen to you too in the future. It’s based on an alleged forced adoption and i am just one parent who could be looking at a null or void court order here which potentially could mean things have to go back to where they were before any of this took place! So please share it with your mum and your dad, your ma and your pa, your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs wherever you can.