Miscarriage Of Justice Alert In The UK Re: SS & Worc’s CC!

Published on May 26, 2014

I have now recorded a live update outlining how i got screwed over by Worcestershire Council Council, my Solicitor and others, concerning the forced adoption of my son.I forgot to mention i have been recovering alcoholic for 5 years when you view it and that when i wrote back to Jacqui Smith MP i got ignored.I also forget to mention the verbal apology i received from Gaye Evans SW at my house was upon hearing how i’d been set up and that when i was informed i had depression after their visit at my house last year (SS) i had not been on any anti depressants in 9 years! Then with the first stage complaint where i talk about my then partner being stopped staying over by SW Debbie Bailey, she fabricated evidence saying she had only done this for a limited amount of time (because she never told me this) Then last year after my first statement i wrote, they sent in a SW with “26” years experience but who had never met me in my life (as noticed by the Judge) Then where i refused to send my son Martin back to Residential care in Taunton i had both the Judge and the SW’s blessing! I will add further links to my description for you asap.


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