London Live Speaks With Researching Reform About Charlie Gard And The Supreme Court

Researching Reform

Charlie Gard, a baby boy with a rare genetic condition is due to have his life support cut off tonight at midnight, unless the parents’ legal team can convince the Supreme Court that it is in his best interests to delay the decision.

That is what his parents are arguing today at an emergency hearing. London Live spoke to Researching Reform about the case and whether we felt the parents’ decision to keep fighting for Charlie was rational or whether their love for their son had made them less objective.

We explained the reasons for the hearing today and what possible arguments the parents’ legal team might be making. We also told London Live that we were in favour of Charlie going to America for the treatment, because the evidence supporting the view that the pioneering treatment would not work did not exist and that medical opinion in the case…

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Social Worker Struck Off After Lie Which Led To Children Going Into Care

Researching Reform

A social worker has been struck off after lying that a mother had threatened to kill herself and her three children, and burn their house down.

The lies were directly responsible for the children being removed from the mother and placed into care. Whilst the HCPC doesn’t express this sentiment as directly as we do, saying that the lies ‘almost certainly’ led to the children’s removal, we are under no illusion that this conduct was directly responsible for the emergency protection orders issued.

Bizarrely, the social worker appeared to have no insight into her conduct. It also appears that she would have been allowed to continue to practice had she shown remorse or expressed some understanding of the consequences of her actions. No mention is made of how this affected the children or the extent of the harm done to their development and their mental health, although the complaints panel have…

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