Family Court President’s Advice On Pre-Birth Care Orders Could Lead To Baby Deaths

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President of the Family Division, Andrew McFarlane has suggested that the law should be changed so that judges can make care orders while a child is still in the womb. The President’s recommendation fails to understand how the policy could cause mothers heightened stress during pregnancy, leading to a sharp rise in miscarriages.

The recommendation comes at a time when newborns being taken into care are at an all time high, and prominent social care professionals are calling for the system to divert families away from the courts.

It is not just this site that is appalled by the President’s thinking on child welfare. The recommendation has shocked families in the UK, who took to social media this week to voice their concerns.

One mother told her friends on Facebook, “Oh Andrew McFarlane, says it all….. never mind the fact that a child isn’t even recognised in law until its…

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Families Call Government Officials Cowards Over Failure To Hold Debate On Children’s Social Care.

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A debate on children’s social care promised by the government seems to have been set aside, as updates on the discussion come to a halt. Parents going through child protection proceedings called the decision not to host the debate cowardly on social media after the debate sparked nationwide interest. The discussion, which had been scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee to take place in October, was pulled without warning.

Parents going through the family courts reacted with the suspicion on social media at the surprise cancellation last month. Mothers and fathers left several comments on Facebook about the decision to pull the debate, with some suggesting that the government had grown fearful over service users’ growing interest in the discussion after this site published details about the event. Some parents had set aside petrol money and re-organised their working day to make long distance trips down to the House…

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Special Task Force Launched To Protect Social Workers From Abuse

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A new task force in Northern Ireland has been set up by the The Department of Health to protect social workers inside the country from violence and abuse. The committee will look at ways in which employers can improve the safety of social workers.

The task force was created after a survey revealed that almost nine out of ten social workers said they had been intimidated by service users. The survey, which received 259 responses, was included in a report published by The British Association of Social Workers (NI) in June 2018, called “Insult and Injury: Exploring the impacts of intimidation, threats and violence against social workers”. Over half of social workers (51%) who took the survey held positions in Children and Family Services.

The creation of the task force was revealed at the end of last month, by Chief Social Work Officer for Northern Ireland, Sean Holland…

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Councils Showcasing Kids For Adoption Are Breaking The Law

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Researching Reform

That’s what Researching Reform thinks about councils and agencies posting photos and information about children online, with a view to securing fostering and adoption placements. To expose this practice, this site has started a petition demanding the government to acknowledge that the practice is illegal, and to end it. 

Our petition explains how the current practice of children being advertised online and publicly, is a breach of their human right to privacy. The practice also ignores the law, which says that parents of children in care must be consulted on all important decisions affecting their children. Councils and agencies are routinely failing to get parental consent before marketing children online. The practice is also placing children’s lives at risk, as more and more children are being sourced through the internet to be sexually exploited.

We asked Twitter users what they thought of the practice in a survey. The majority of…

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