Hollywood Actor Backs UK Family Court Campaign

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Hollywood actor and activist Michael Sheen, has backed a campaign started on Change.org asking the British government to address domestic abuse, children’s rights, and the need for Family Court reform in the UK. The petition has gathered over 117,000 signatures.

Michael Sheen, who has an OBE for his services to drama, is also a passionate activist who writes and speaks about social and cultural change. Sheen tweeted his support for the Change campaign on 22nd August, and has also made the campaign’s profile picture his Twitter avatar.

MS Tweet.pngResearching Reform highlighted the petition, started by Rachel Williams and Teresa Whittaker, at the beginning of August, when their campaign led to a debate in the House of Commons in which Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Phillips, called on the government to investigate child welfare body CAFCASS over its failings to protect vulnerable children and parents inside the Family Court. Rachel…

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Haunted Motherhood: How Britain’s Forced Adoption Policy Deepens Family Trauma And Social Inequality

Spot on xx

Researching Reform

New research published in The Sociological Review, claims that women who have had their children forcibly removed through child protection proceedings live in a constant and critical state of trauma, which creates further inequalities for families and society as a whole.

The study says that this unique form of trauma affects women in four ways: mothers are forever haunted by the loss of their children, forced into silence because of the stigma attached to non consensual adoption, unable to get back on their feet because support services are missing, and live in constant fear of future children being removed by the Family Court.

Researching Reform is hugely excited to see this new body of work emerging, which mirrors our own concerns exactly, as our readers will know. For clarity, we should explain that while Moriss does not explicitly call “state ordered court removal”, forced adoption, and she may have her…

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MP Calls For Government Review Of CAFCASS

They ruin familes lives and cannot be trusted to be honest! xx

Researching Reform

A debate in the House of Commons which took place on 18th July, has led to an MP calling for a government review into child welfare body, CAFCASS.

The discussion comes after a petition on website Change.org asking the government to investigate CAFCASS policy, family court transparency and training for child welfare professionals, amassed over 116,000 signatures.

Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Phillips, hosted the debate, which looked at ways in which the government could protect victims of domestic abuse in the family courts. Jess chose to focus on the cross examination of alleged victims of domestic violence by alleged and proven domestic abuse offenders and CAFCASS training.

During the discussion, Jess confirmed that she had received 199 pages of testimonials the morning of the debate, which she said contained around 10 to 13 testimonials on each page. She then read some of the testimonials out:


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Researching Reform Listed In Top 15 Child Welfare Sites Around The World To Follow

Number one to me easily xx

Researching Reform

We are humbled to announce that Researching Reform has been listed as one of 15 top child welfare websites to follow in 2018 by RSS platform, Feedspot.

Websites were selected based on social and search metrics, using the following criteria:

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Feedspot 2018.pngThe other sites chosen, were:

Joyful Heart Foundation
Stop Abuse Campaign
CRY – Child Rights and You
Defend Innocence
Switalskis Solicitors
Survivors UK
Child Abuse Prevention Center
Sarah Blake
National Children’s Alliance
Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer

A very big thank you to the Feedspot team for including us in this wonderful list, and many congratulations to the above sites too, we are honoured to be in such good company.


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Care Experienced Fathers Needed

Researching Reform

A study being carried out by Coventry University and the University of Warwick aims to explore what fatherhood is like for men who were in care as children, and they need care experienced fathers to take part.

The researchers are looking for fathers aged over 18 who were in local authority care as children, and who now have regular contact with at least one biological child aged 0-16 years old.

The new research study was tweeted by trainee clinical psychologist, Emma Dandy, on 19th August. Though Emma’s role in the study is not clear, her professional background might suggest that this study may assess participants’ mental health as part of its remit.

The flyer Emma shared offers the following information:

  • Willing participants will be interviewed for 60-90 minutes
  • The questions will focus on experiences around foster care, and being a father
  • Interviews are set to take place at the…

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