From: M M Simmons

19 August 2013

Dear Worcestershire County Council,

Under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 i wish to request any
information recorded/published on how i can best stop employees of
this Council sending out wrong sensitive data belonging to other
children as well as myself to wrong addresses other than myself
informing the ICO?

I wish to inform i believe this breaks the DPA 1998 S:55,is
Maladministration when i have previously raised this several times
receiving Apologies both verbal and in writing and i did ask for
confirmation this mistake would not happen again but it is still
happening and with sensitive data involved.

I believe the letter i received through my door today with my
address on there and a child’s “full name” half ripped open on
receipt is meant for a child in the care system and is not intended
for me and i will ensure the letter is given straight to their
carer as fortunately i know who this is but may not have done had
it been another child like what happened before.

Lastly i would like to inform that the letter has the same address
on it as one where i recently received Apologies in writing,
informing me that it would now be written on future letters “to be
opened by the addressee only” and i was informed my data would now
be updated again but it appears to me this cannot be the case.This
is extremely concerning how often this is happening and i trust all
involved will receive a Written Apology at least?

I await your response.

Yours faithfully,

M M Simmons


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