John Lewis Refuses To Release Complaints Figures For Its Christmas Advert

Researching Reform

John Lewis has refused to say how many complaints it received about its Christmas advert, after a strong backlash to the ad erupted on social media.

The advert, which featured a controversial storyline about a teenage girl in care being fostered by a middle class family, upset a number of care-experienced children and families. Several said the storyline was deeply triggering and an inaccurate representation of the care system, as they discussed the advert on Twitter and Facebook.

Researching Reform reached out to the retailer last week to ask for comment about the negative responses to the advert online, and whether or not they were considering adding a trigger warning or helpline in the advert, for children and families badly affected by their experience of the care system. This site also asked the company how many complaints about the advert it had received so far.

John Lewis said it was…

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