Concerns Raised Over Quality of Care Children Receive in Fostering and Adoption Placements

This is scary stuff and serious xx

Researching Reform

A growing number of parents with children in care have become concerned that their children are being left to play violent video games while in fostering and adoption settings.

Children as young as seven are being left alone by carers to play video games with graphic violence, which birth parents say have led to their children displaying increased levels of aggression and anger.

A father told this site, “My son desperately wanted to stay in my care, but his wishes and feelings were ignored. After some time in foster care, he was a changed person. He began to show signs of aggression and depression after he became addicted to a violent video game. I was blamed for this happening, even though I was not looking after him.”

A mother whose son is no longer in care, said that she was initially penalised in child protection assessments for allowing her son…

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