Why Stolen Children Of The UK Website Got Removed By Government 1

Published on Sep 19, 2014

In a nutshell it was because of my natural son’s photo being placed on the said website. Hear about the fraud with live recording and how in part 2 coming soon this got remedied in part whereby i was both punished for something i had not done myself, yet rewarded

I have waited a long time to tell this part of my story and i feel with events that followed (please refer to my video’s gag this! and exposing the Adoption Manageress who has since left for further details) i feel the time is right to tell my story here now. Part 2 coming soon and i was surprised how well in part this all turned out considering so stay tuned in how i addressed the fraud my way, the best way i knew how at that time and how by the time you view my two other videos as mentioned, i learnt how best to deal with potential Contempt that seemed likely to follow and how i came out of Court with a Court Order now in my favour

Another video that might interest you after viewing this one which is related, is called Be my parent website hypocrisy and Facebook, letterbox & fraud a 3 part live recording video how i handled a meeting whereby wrongful accusations were made against me accusing me of posting misleading information regards my son’s adoption telling of the fraud involved and stating how my son was illegally kidnapped and why the SW concerned got it wrong.

A further video related is called It’s ok they broke the law (as long as my forcibly illegally kidnapped son doesn’t see it) and why i am dedicated to making these videos to help you to help yourselves and in the process show where the system does get it wrong


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