Teachers and Doctors Could Be Barred For Failing to Report Female Genital Mutilation

Researching Reform

Under new proposals by the Home Office which have been published today in a consultation paper, the government is looking at the possibility of barring teachers and doctors who fail to report Female Genital Mutilation.

As teachers will not be in a position to visually confirm FGM, a potential duty on this group might be limited to victim disclosure, the paper tells us. Doctors would have a duty around disclosure but also observation. These are some of the issues the paper hopes to navigate and clarify with the feedback they hope to get on this proposal.

The consultation will run for five weeks, is fully open to the public and also hopes to hear from:

  • health care professionals,
  • the police,
  • the judiciary,
  • teachers,
  • social workers,
  • criminal justice practitioners,
  • victims of FGM,
  • organisations representing victims,
  • community groups and leaders,
  • front line workers,
  • service providers,
  • regulatory bodies,
  • the Disclosure and
  • Barring Service‚Ķ

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