Increased trauma for families experiencing local authority involvement – new research

Researching Reform

Local authority intervention leads to increased trauma scores in parents, according to research approved by St. Mary’s University in London.

The research, titled, ““How does the experience of going to court affect the relationship between doctors and parents making best interests decisions on behalf of children?” was produced by Nicola Adolphe as part of her Masters in Bioethics and Medical Law, at the university.

The research looked at the levels of trauma experienced by parents in two key categories: local authority intervention, and domestic abuse. Adolphe interviewed 25 parents for her research, 13 of whom were victims of domestic abuse.

The research found that in the domestic abuse group, the average ‘trauma score’ was 53, a figure consistent with a ‘severe’ post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) rating.

However in the LA intervention group the average score was nearly 61, a number considered to be consistent with ‘extreme’ PTSD  symptoms, and…

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