Foster Carers Of Boy Who Put Bomb on Parsons Green Tube Sue Council

Researching Reform

The foster carers of Ahmed Hassan, a teenage boy who tried to detonate a bomb on the underground as it reached Parsons Green, are suing Surrey County council for failing to tell them that the boy had been trained by Daesh (IS).

Hassan, who is originally from Iraq, came to the UK as a child migrant and suffered with mental health problems. He told officials that he had been groomed to fight in Iraq by Daesh militants.

The incident at Parsons Green tube, in which 51 people were injured resulting in a life sentence for 18 year-old Hassan, means that Ron and Penny Jones are not allowed to foster any more children.

The Jones’ say the council should have told them about the conversation immigration officials had with Ahmed in which he said that he had been trained to kill by Daesh soldiers. The claim against the council is believed…

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