Reference Book, first book

via Michelle Simmons: “Explaining Illegal Kidnap To A Child 2018” PDF file – Tum Mum Michele Simmons UPLOADED BY T. Simmons – 24 May 2018

A simplistic easy reference book which is colour coded for ease and written to help the reader to further basic research, using my book as a starting point. With plenty of hints and tips to help you understand the basics of family law, and what your solicitor is unlikely to share with you; although they are there to fully represent you as their client. For anyone interested in taking a peek into the world of forced adoption and likewise for anyone who may need the support. It will teach you the basics and when up against brick walls and is written through personal experience, although i am not a lawyer. Likewise, children who are gillick competent (frasier competent) will be able to understand my book and the basic contents written, because it is a reference book more than anything, which teaches you to learn yourself and expand your knowledge. Before you know it you will be better informed and armed with the basics and more besides from your own research. I am from the UK and this is my first book. This book is a book which gives you the seeds to help your knowledge grow. It is a book to help you to help yourself.
With many thanks to Butlincat for helping me to get this out there, to help families who may need it Xx

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