Letter To Lord Patel: Registration Of Social Workers Must Be A Legal Duty

Really good read and it should be this way anyway? Shocking where it is not! One can only imagine how many miscarriages of justice have occured. Families affected spend the rest of their lives struggling to make sense with it all as it is xx

Researching Reform

As recently appointed Chair of the new social work regulation body Social Work England (SWE), Lord Patel outlines his vision for social work in England and Wales, Researching Reform invites him to push for mandatory registration of social workers.

Dear Lord Patel,

In the ten years that this project has been assisting families, we have grown increasingly concerned about the number of social workers practicing inside councils and private agencies, who either have no social work qualifications or who are so badly trained and behind in their CPD courses, that the advice they are giving is endangering lives. That advice is also leading to gross miscarriages of justice and the often unnecessary removal of children from their families.

Currently, there is no legal requirement on social workers to register with an independent body like Social Work England. Whilst no figures appear to be available on the number of social workers…

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