The End Of Forced Adoption In The UK? Meet The Social Workers Challenging The System.

Music to my ears. It’s the families and their children who are made to suffer the rest of their entire lives at the end of the day. A blind eye is being turned to procedural errors and very serious mistakes. Once parents/natural parents are discovering the deeper evidence they are not being supported, or getting their questions answered satisfactorily and are instead being met with even further contempt!

Rather than out the LA responsible, there are Judges instead preferring to restrict the parents/natural parents/journalists or gag them when bringing applications to air their concerns leaving them with the more questions than originally thought left to answer. Reminded the parents/natural parents they do have the powers to injunct journalists and where families have been wronged beggars belief!

It is meant to be about the best interests of the children, but then how come when adoptees/alleged adoptees want answers, they are going ignored by Family Court’s?

All i have seen is avoidance and half answered questions and then ones considered to eg make vexatious requests. I believe anywhere where there are wrong spelling of children’s names/d.o.b’s/discrepancies with what happened for what year held on written record there are potentially ‘double case files’ meaning ‘double the money’ made using our innocent UK children.

Why would professionals refuse to put the things they say into writing, return emails from court failing to attach the author’s name, bribe parents with their contact being stopped unlawfully just because they won’t play ball the LA’s way for a quicker outcome not for the children’s best interests necessarily but for them.

There are children who get hurt where it is proved in criminal court it was not deliberate too, yet LA’s will still carry on playing the NAI card falsely using risk of significant harm regardless. False diagnosis is another one, and rather than hold their hands up they would rather change tactic and move goal posts all the time instead of these criminals facing the prosecution and being held to account like they deserve.

The thing that has grinded me most, is when Judge’s fail to write everything as they should into court orders and judgements, but then again i suppose where there is fraud discovered by a Judge, they are going to be reluctant to do so and to protect who? because it isn’t the children.

Great post again Natasha, thank you. I will be sure to share everywhere i can xx

via The End Of Forced Adoption In The UK? Meet The Social Workers Challenging The System.


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