The Dark Side of The John Lewis Christmas Ad

Researching Reform

The John Lewis Christmas advert was met with rapturous applause by people across the UK as it rolled out last week. But in not-so small corners of the country, children and families who had experienced the realities of Britain’s troubled care system grew upset and angry, and began to file complaints with the retailer.

The advert, which shows a man learning to skateboard, and then later, along with his partner, welcomes a child from the care system into their home who also likes to skateboard, touched people deeply. And no wonder. It’s rose-tinted view of carers, and the system in which they operate, left viewers feeling that the young girl had found her ‘forever home’.

This is a screenshot of the ad. We haven’t added a live link to the video as we know some readers may find the content distressing.

What most viewers watching the advert would not have…

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