Family court chief publishes update on Domestic Abuse Act

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Judge Andrew McFarlane, the head of the family division in England and Wales, issued an update on key measures in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (DAA) which have come into force and which affect Britain’s family courts.

The interim update, which forms part of his “View from the Presidents Chambers” series (and we think he needs to change this name to a more accessible one), mentions two key measures which have come into force:

Lower threshold for Children Act 1989

Section 67 of the DAA 2021 includes a new section 91A for the Children Act 1989 [‘CA 1989’].

“The CA 1989, s 91A establishes a new, lower, statutory threshold for the deployment of a s 91(14) prohibition by which the power may be exercised when the court is satisfied that the making of an application for a CA 1989 order of a specified kind would put…

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