I Took His Hand and Followed – A mother’s plea to social services

Genius. Sent shivers down my spine Xxxx

Researching Reform

Researching Reform is humbled to spotlight creative submissions from child protection experienced parents and children, and it’s our pleasure to share today’s featured poem written by a mother whose child was removed from her care.

The mother, whose name has been withheld in line with reporting restrictions, adapted her submission from an old poem whose author is unknown, called “I Took His Hand and Followed”. The poem describes the deep joy parents feel when they are with their children.

This is what she told us about her version of the poem:

“I hope it may serve to illustrate the snowball effect of social services’ involvement (Isabelle Trowler’s “Conveyor belt to care”), to show how the stress of that involvement causes poor parenting, and also highlight the importance of letterbox contact. I would really like to dedicate this poem in loving memory of Bridgey Rooney, may God rest her soul.”

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