Judge encourages families to attend screening of “shaken baby” play.

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Researching Reform

A family court judge who has written a play about a baby being shaken and sustaining injuries by his parents, has said child protection-experienced families are welcome to attend the play’s live screening.

Responding in an email to a court-experienced mother who lost her son to the care system and wanted to attend the screening, Judge Stephen Wildblood said: “It’s great that you want to join this. You will be very welcome to attend.”

“The whole idea is to show people what it is really like for some families. I have tried to make this play as authentic as I can,” he added.

Wildblood then goes on to invite the mother to share the play’s screening details, and asks her to tell others who would like to attend in her circle to log on at 6.45pm so that any difficulties accessing the seminar online can be addressed before the play…

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