Survey: kinship carers say they receive no support to enable child contact with parents

Absolute disgrace. Still the same as back in the early 2000’s then 😢🦋 Xxxxxx

Researching Reform

A survey produced by Kinship, a company providing support and assistance to kinship carers, has found that only11%of carers received support from their local authorities to help with contact between children in kinship care and their parents, and a further 23% wanted support but did not receive it.

The survey also noted that 62% of carers they polled believed the children in their care had long term physical and mental health needs.

The figure of 62% marks a 43% increase from the last survey carried out by Kinship in 2010, raising important questions about why these needs may be rising.

The survey found that only 33% of children had received a formal diagnosis and that of those children, 40% had been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, 38% with behavioural issues, and 38% with an attachment disorder.

The poll also held that 36% of the children had special educational needs, a…

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