Adoption order made without mother present at the hearing “not a fundamental breach of natural justice”

It’s a disgrace it is still going on 👀👀

Researching Reform

An adoption order made without the mother being physically present at the hearing has been pushed through. Although the High Court acknowledged that the making of the order amounted to a procedural irregularity and should never happen again, it went on to say the error did not constitute a “fundamental breach of natural justice.”

The reasoning used by the court — and which falls in line with the government’s very silly and irrational adoption policy (that it is for life, just because someone has said so in court and not because it is right for the child) — was that the mother knew the hearing was taking place, would not have been able to argue against the adoption order because she did not have the required permission to do so, and could not have prevented the adoption order from going through.

Lexis Nexis offers a very helpful summary of the…

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