Illegal Adoptions – Voice of the Child Podcast

It really would be interesting and of public interest if we could learn of more similar cases like this one. There cannot possibly be correct data held in relation to statistics how many more there are after listening to the podcast Xxxx

Researching Reform

When a British mother loses her child to adoption, she decides to try to access her son’s birth certificate, after being told by a friend that adoptions are not always properly registered.

In this podcast, Shelby* talks to the Voice of the Child about the extraordinary discovery she makes when she finally manages to access her son’s birth and adoption certificates.

Shelby*, who now campaigns to change the law on adoption registrations, explains the story behind her case, how the adoption process affected her son, and why she would like to see a mandatory duty in law which ensures all birth parents receive a copy of their child’s adoption certificate.

You can listen to the podcast here. 

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Further Reading

First illegal adoption case launched in High Court (31 January, 2020)

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