Voice of the Child Podcast with Legal Action for Women

Researching Reform

In our third podcast, the Voice of the Child speaks with Legal Action for Women’s Anne Neale and Tracey Norton, on emerging themes and patterns they are seeing in child welfare cases.

Assisting women who have experienced domestic violence, and lost their children to forced adoption, Anne and Tracey come across dangerous levels of malpractice in the divorce and child protection proceedings they assist on.

LAW says the trauma suffered by the children and mothers in these cases is never taken into account by judges or child welfare professionals.

In this interview, we discuss the phenomenon of children and mothers being unjustly separated in family law proceedings, and the growing movement around post adoption contact applications being made by birth families.

Many thanks to Anne and Tracey for coming on to the programme.


You can listen to the podcast here. 

Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 22.04.43

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