Can you make an Interim Care Order that lasts beyond the child’s 17th birthday?


Long term readers of the blog will be familiar with Betteridge’s Law – questions posed to which the answer is “no”   – as much beloved by sub-editors at The Daily Express et al   (Can Pomegranate Juice cure Cancer? Did the Ghost of Diana speak to Meghan? etc)

The heading of this blog post is a Betteridge’s Law question – the answer is no, but in this case it is helpful to have the answer.

[To the chagrin of our former President, I’m going to say “The High Court” when I mean “The Family Division of the Court, sitting in the High Court” because the latter is too much of a mouthful. ]

The question has been bubbling around since the 2014 Children and Families Act  – that Act introduced the change in law that Interim Care Orders (which used to last for 8 weeks for the first order, and 28…

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