What Happens When A Council Places A Child At Risk Of Significant Harm?

So what happens in today’s world when a council endangers a child’s life? The answer, precious little.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

An Ofsted inspection of Bradford council’s child protection services, has raised an important question about the way in which the justice system deals with local authorities who expose children in their care to harm.

Bradford council received its inadequate rating after incorrectly subjecting children who were not in danger to invasive investigations, and failing to identify vulnerable children in its borough genuinely in need of assistance.

Failing child protection services is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence in Britain, however something the inspector says in his report makes for important reading. In his summary, Neil Penswick comes to the following conclusion:

“…changes of social workers and managers, as well as resultant poor practice, [are] leaving children at risk of significant harm.”

The concept of significant harm is outlined in the Children Act 1989. The legal basis for the idea of harm in this context…

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