Dear Adoption, I Want Center Stage Back

God bless you, true to yourself xx


Dear Adoption, I Want Center Stage Back

I’m Mike. I was adopted as an infant. I have told my happy adoption story over and over for most of my life. I’ve performed on command as the all star of my family. I’ve said, “I’m grateful” at all the right cues. I have shouldered the weight of being all my parents hoped for and all society needed me to be in order to fulfill my role as adopted child.

Me and my life story was a main topic at dinner parties, birthday parties, shopping malls, in 7-11’s, and at my school.

On command, I smiled the special smile; the one that forced a dimple on my left cheek to appear and made my eyes even more squinty to enhance that I was Asian. The rest of the time I tried like hell to bulge my eyes into an almond shape like…

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