“A Mother Got On Her hands And Knees In Court And Begged Me… Please Don’t Take My Children Away.”

If the system is not broken, then why is so much being covered up, even when ones have got the evidence? Why are parents being gagged to cover up the truth. (Thinking of the recent Case with Beth locked up with Autism, whose Council ‘tried to’ gag her dad and did not suceed) which has got the whole world’s attention as i understand it.

It’s just unbelievable and the children whose parents have taken their own lives, won’t be growing up thanking the state for their often cruel intervention! They’ll be speaking out instead! Fair play to them.

How will these children whose entire future lives have been decided and ruined, where children have been wrongly taken feel when they are old enough to learn this Judge has only cried once while they are no doubt crying daily just like the wronged parents who are grieving too.

I cry each time i learn of another child taken. I have a heart! xx

Researching Reform

A programme on BBC One airing tonight at 7.30pm, looks at the effect cuts to legal aid have had on access to justice. The Inside Out West series also features an interview with Judge Stephen Wildblood, who sits in the family court at Bristol. The judge talks about the growing number of parents who attend court without legal representation, and his experiences working on care orders.

In a preview for the show, which was posted on Twitter yesterday, Judge Wildblood tells the presenter:

“A mother got on her hands and knees in court and begged me… “please don’t take my children away.” She said she would end her life if I made the orders.”

Wildblood also reflects on the state of the family courts during the interview:

“I don’t think the system is broken, and the judges wouldn’t allow it to be broken. Whether the overall process is…

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