Forced Adoption Of Babies More Than Doubles, National Study Of Newborns Reveals.

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The first ever national study of newborns in England has revealed that the number of babies taken into care who are less than one week old, has more than doubled in a decade. In most instances, babies would have been taken from their mothers while still in hospital.

The research, which was carried out by Professor Karen Broadhurst, on behalf of the Nuffield Foundation, and which used data supplied by CAFCASS, found that care proceedings were issued for 1,039 newborns in 2007/8, (32% of all cases involving an infant age under 1 year). However, this number had more than doubled at 2,447 newborns (42% of all infant cases), by 2017.

The study also reveals marked differences in relation to the rates of babies being taking into care across regions in England. These variations have become a common feature of children’s social work practice across the country.

Despite the differences…

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One thought on “Forced Adoption Of Babies More Than Doubles, National Study Of Newborns Reveals.

  1. varsana baum says:

    exactly what happened to me. my newborn was taken into care and adopted while I did NOTHING! my partners and my arguments were called “domestic violence”. I have no criminal record, no alchahol use let alone abuse and no drug use. read my story on YouTube and Twitter

    varsana baum

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