Government To Hold Debate On Children’s Social Care

The debate is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9th October. We’ll update you with more details as soon as they’re available

Researching Reform

Members of Parliament will hold a debate in the House of Commons on children’s social care next week. The topic was selected by the Backbench Business Committee, and the discussion on the day will be opened by Tim Loughton, MP.

Westminster Hall debates usually feature a motion, and take place in the Grand Committee Room. The events are free and open to the general public to watch, with entrance worked out on a first come, first served basis.

The motion for this debate hasn’t been made public yet, with Parliament’s website only offering the detail that this is going to be a ‘general’ debate on social care. Such a wide scope could make the conversation superficial at best given the limited amount of time that MPs will have to talk over issues, however the Committee should offer more information closer to the event.

The debate is scheduled to take place…

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