Nearly Two Thirds Of Children’s Social Workers Think Their Practice Is Not Always Based On Credible Evidence.

Researching Reform

A Twitter poll carried out by the What Works Centre, has revealed that 64% of social workers do not believe their practice is always based on credible data or evidence. The survey also confirmed that over a third of social workers who took the survey believe that none of their practice is based on sound information. The poll was posted on August 27th, and was taken by 518 social workers.

The Twitter poll, which allowed social workers to respond anonymously, asked the following question:

As a Children’s Social Worker, are the processes and practices being used in your local area based on credible and robust data, evidence or research?

A selection of answers were offered inside the poll by the WWC:

  1. Yes, all are.
  2. Yes, but only some.
  3. No, none are.
  4. Not sure.

Only 9% of those that took the poll selected the first option, with 33% selecting ‘yes, but only…

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