Education Committee: Foster Care Is All About The Money.

Researching Reform

A new report published by the The Education Committee, confirms that an alarming number of foster placements are made for financial reasons rather than the best interests of children in care.

Crucially, the report recommends increasing levels of funding for the sector, but offers no evidence that this will improve services and support for children, and does not properly address poor management processes or lack of best practice which are arguably more important than extra funding.

The report also makes other suggestions, which include ways in which to address issues facing foster carers. It also offers solutions to help make the fostering sector more responsive to young people’s needs and stresses the importance of early intervention to help keep families together wherever possible.

Key Recommendations For Children:

  • Allowing children who wish to remain with their foster carers up to the age of 18, to do so under the Staying Put

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