Sharing Vulnerable Children’s Details Online – Are UK Fostering Agencies Feeding Child Trafficking?

The parental responsibility side going ignored? What if the parents don’t understand their rights? Are these children being exploited online? Parents still maintain PR right up until/if an adoption order gets made. An adoption decision is only a decision and the parents last chance to hold on to their PR for their child/ren xx

Researching Reform

An adoption agency has taken the unusual step of explaining why it chose to publicly advertise two vulnerable siblings, after sharing photo and video footage of the brother and sister in an online newspaper. The private details were shared in an attempt to find foster parents for the children.

The invasive practice, which allows vulnerable children’s details to be shared worldwide, often draws criticism from the public. Reformers and child rights groups are also growing increasingly concerned about the exposure the practice offers grooming gangs and child traffickers.

Interestingly, the piece in the Evening Post does not explain why adoption agency Caritas Care felt the need to explain its actions. The decision may stem around the often aggressive public reaction to making information about vulnerable children widely available online and in print. And for good reason: the practice is widespread and poorly regulated, and is in direct breach of a…

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