Social Work Apprenticeships – The Blind Leading The Blind?

The foolish man built his house upon the sand? xx

Researching Reform

A survey has confirmed that the majority of local authorities will be using social work apprenticeships to train up future professionals inside the sector.

Councils hope that the move will encourage more people to come forward to take up positions as child and family social workers.

The apprenticeships being offered will be paid, so that students will be earning money from the moment they start.

Bizarrely, the survey, which was conducted by the Department for Education, also revealed that 80% of local authority directors were positive about the knowledge and skills of social workers in their authority. This view does not reflect the current crisis faced by the sector, in which a significant number of councils continue to let children down and place them at risk. Google “Ofsted Rates Inadequate” or “councils rated poor in social work”, and the extent of the problem becomes painfully obvious.

Researching Reform is deeply…

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