Hot Topic: Media Access To Family Court Evidence

Ian Josephs on March 27, 2018 at 12:59 pm
It amazes me that so many people have a blind spot over “open courts”” they say “.Let the journalists in” even though the reality is that few if any journalists would bother to go since they are forbidden to print verbatim proceedings and forbidden to name parents or children !
What is needed is “free speech” – the freedom for parents and others to name themselves and their grievances publicly !

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Researching Reform

As the family justice system faces renewed pressure to take a good look at its working methods, calls to open up family courts so that journalists can analyse evidence in these cases are coming from home, and abroad.

The President of the Family Division, James Munby, will be retiring in July, and whilst he has become increasingly vocal about the problems inside the Family Court during his term as president, he’s clearly chosen to use his last few months to push for more radical reform. We announced at the start of 2018 that Munby was our judge to watch this year, and he isn’t disappointing.

His recent comments about allowing journalists to have access to evidence in family cases, which he made at a seminar on13th March, have been followed up by another push to allow this access. Munby repeated his stance at a lecture he gave at Edinburgh University…

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