Judge Rules Council Deliberately Obstructed Mother’s Adoption Challenge

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In a case which represents an important development in highlighting unethical practice inside the child welfare sector, a High Court judge has ruled that a council and its social workers as well as the legal team advising, purposefully blocked a mother from challenging an adoption order.

The council did this by failing to tell the mother about the timing of the placement plan and the process she would need to go through in order to apply for the order to be revoked.

Community Care tells us Judge Charles said, “fairness (and in my view, common sense and straightforwardness) meant the council should have explained to the mother that unless she issued an application by a certain date, it would proceed with placing the girl… I suggest that not only is a race between an under-informed parent and the adoption agency likely to be unfair, it is also likely to createsignificant…

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Heartbreaking ‘Wish List’ Written By A Child In Care.

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If ever there was a story which highlighted everything that’s wrong with the fostering system in England, it’s this list of wishes from a child in care, published today.

The child, who wishes to remain anonymous, reflects on their life in care and the things they hoped would have happened differently.

In one of the paragraphs, the child asks foster carers not to leave foster children out. The example of biological children receiving easter eggs or advent calendars and foster children not being gifted the same items is heart breaking. What kind of foster parent would discriminate against a vulnerable child, or any child in that way? The kind that’s clearly not fit to be a parent, and most likely using the child as a means to extending their income.

In another paragraph, the child recalls being treated as if they had a lower level of intelligence for being in…

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Question It!

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Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week.

Often, when we talk about mental health we use familiar contexts like post natal depression, soldiers’ PTSD and the impact of modern pressures on children, such as exams and harmful online content, so we often miss the damage done in quieter corners of modern life.

This week, Researching Reform would like to highlight the impact of our current child protection system on families’ and children’s mental health.

Whilst family policies and legislation try hard to keep up with scientific advancements in the fields of psychology and child development, the lag combined with too many competing financial and management interests within child protection focused departments mean that what we have in place today to respond to vulnerable children and their needs is still not good enough, by a long way.

We already know that foster care can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children. In fact,

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BREAKING: Forced Adoption Protesters Occupy Child Minister’s Home

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Forced Adoption Campaigners have been protesting outside the home of former MP and Children’s Minister Edward Timpson for the last 72 hours in a bid to raise awareness about the practice.

Eugene Lukjanenko, who was in the news last year as he battled social services to get his son back after being placed in foster care, has climbed onto Mr Timpson’s roof to ask for his son to be returned to him.

Eyewitness accounts from real time video recordings suggest that Mr Lukjanenko was assaulted by Mr Timpson as he tried to remove him from his roof. It is also alleged that Mr Timpson then took Mr Lukjanenko’s phone after he was filmed assaulting him.

Campaigners wanted to ask Mr Timpson why he refused to look into forced adoption methods in England and Wales and have accused him of self interest. Timpson is alleged to have private financial interests in fostering…

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