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Social worker and Founder of theĀ Migrants Trust,Ā Margaret Humphreys has told the nationā€™s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse that the abuse, lies and cover ups involved in children being sent abroad to other Commonwealth countries during the 1940s-1970s, amounted to human rights violations.

The conduct by government organisations and officials which sparked this comment includes:

  • Physical and sexual abuse,
  • Conditions of slavery and terror,
  • Removal of identities, and;
  • Lies that suggested the youngstersā€™ parents were dead
  • Collusion and cover-up by institutions and agencies,
  • State sanctioned kidnapping of children
  • Children being knowingly placed into the hands of paedophiles

A 2015 debate in the House Of Lords in which Lord Blackheath confirms he and others were involved in several of these government initiatives, also confirms Margaretā€™s experience through her work helping former child migrants find their biological families.

Child Migrants.pngOur question then, is this: who should be heldā€¦

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