One of my many obsessions, alongside law geekery, 80s references and all the other stuff you’ve probably picked up by now, is manga/anime, and specifically the Eiichiro Oda magnum opus “One Piece”

“One Piece” is the longest running manga series, telling stories set in a world of what can best be described as super-powered pirates. As well as fight sequences which are so pacey and dramatic that they make X-Men and Avengers look flat footed and pedestrian, One Piece’s over-arching theme is that of the importance of nakama.  Nakama is a Japanese word meaning “True Companion”  – a friend, but much more than that, a friend who you can completely count on, and they can count on you.

The nakama in One Piece are the Straw Hat pirates, the heroes that we follow.  They consist of :-

Monkey D Luffy, the captain who is made out of rubber and is…

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