Researching Reform Speaks With France 2 About Cinderella Law

Researching Reform

Cinderella Law, which is really an amendment to existing legislation, rather than a new law in itself, was designed to bring Criminal Law up to date, by recognising the effects of emotional as well as physical abuse on children.

At the time of its unveiling, it received a great deal of criticism, both for its criminal sanctions, which could see parents go to jail for emotional abuse – a phenomenon as yet undefined in the criminal courts – and the lack of clarity as to how this law would work in practice.

As a result, its creators and campaigners, Action For Children went underground, and despite getting a mention in the Queen’s Speech last year and subsequently being ratified into law in March 2015, Cinderella Law’s progress has remained largely a mystery, until now.

France 2 have made a very good documentary on Cinderella Law, which is balanced and…

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