Free Range Children Have Bird Brains For Parents

Researching Reform

The recent case of the Meitiv children aged ten and six, whose parents allowed them to walk to a park near their home without adult supervision and who have since found themselves charged with neglect over the practice, has divided parents and the general public both in America and here in Britain.

The Meitivs, both scientists, practice free range parenting, a form of parenting which gives children total independence from infancy. As part of this practice, the Meitiv’s children have been walking regularly to and from their local park, which is an eighth of a mile from their home. The children were alerted to the local authorities after a man out walking became concerned for their welfare. It is not known from what age the children have been allowed to walk around their neighbourhood without adult supervision.

Parents around the globe are up in arms over the state’s interference with this…

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