Undercover Color – The First Fashion Company Working To Prevent Sexual Assault

Great idea. I like xx

Researching Reform

What happens when fashion and female safety combine? It might sound like a funny headline, but if this nail polish company can pull this product off (no icky nail pun intended – ok, maybe a little), then this new invention may just revolutionise 21st century socialising.

Undercover Color was started by four undergraduate students at North Carolina State university. The men are working on creating a new nail polish that will be able to detect the presence of date rape drugs like Rohypnol and GHB in your drink.

The idea is simple: slick on the nail polish before you go out and once you’re at a party or function and you’ve got a glass in hand, just stir your drink with your finger. If your nail polish changes colour, your drink’s been spiked.

Whilst the idea is still in the R&D phase, their fundraising efforts have been rather successful. They’ve just managed…

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