The “Final” Transcript and Order of EWHC [Fam] case UW14C00020 and “Acceptance” reply by Hungary

Forced Adoptions

As you will see the attached JPEG’s, these are the “final” transcript of the (supposed final) hearing in front of HH Justice Jonathan Leslie Baker on 14 May 2014 (despite there being another hearing held on May 22nd which is along with the 14th May 2014 order, posted in the first 6 JPEG’s , of which we only came to know of last week) and requests dated nearly 3 MONTHS ago for the “immediate” return of Sebastian, and the “apparent” holding of this hearing of 22nd May to stop any chance of Judicial fairness and blocking of practicing of Human Rights in regards to Appeals and so forth, with Wiltshire council.

The EWHC (see the JPEG’s “EWCA Document Forgery-page 1 & 2) for the attempted forcing of Appeal and threats to my Wife, despite the EWCA denying and threatening my Wife regarding the Appeal (which was originally filed on 16th…

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