345 English Councils’ compromise agreements – with gagging clauses – How did your council score?

Wirral In It Together

2nd April 2013 – The Daily Telegraph publishes an article based on this research

03 05 13 - telegraph front page

Martin Morton explains his compromise agreement and unlawful gag here

More from:

The Brighton Argus ……and an article from June 2011

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Hi, if you’re a journalist or writer and seeking to use the information gathered here in an article, please be courteous and credit Paul Cardin, Wirral Freedom of Information Campaigner.  Many thanks!

Compromise Agreements are legal documents, regulated by statute, and represent ‘full and final settlements’, entered into by both employer and employee. These contracts are very often used in dispute circumstances, when organisations feel there’s a pressing need to dispense with ‘problem people’, whilst ‘managing’ their own, sometimes embattled reputations.  The ‘beauty’ of these, as far as public sector employers are concerned is, when used in conjunction with “gagging clauses”, they are a quick and cheap means…

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