Researching Reform Invited to Chat About Penelope Leach’s Findings on BBC Radio

Researching Reform

Penelope Leach, child psychologist and parenting expert has caused something of a stir by claiming that overnight stays with fathers for children under the age of five are damaging to these babies.

The controversial claim has caused a tangible backlash amongst fathers and fathers rights groups, which has seen this news item go viral and has garnered interest in the national media as a result.

One such media outlet is the BBC, who are keen to have a debate on this issue. BBC Three Counties Radio contacted Researching Reform this morning and invited us to talk about why we agree with Penelope, on the JVS Show. The interview is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) at around 10.15am, where we will be chatting with the show’s producer, Jonathan Vernon-Smith and other guests invited to talk about the issues surrounding the claim.

We hope you’ll tune in, and if there’s a…

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Question It!

Researching Reform

Welcome to a cloudy yet balmy week, where we turn our attention to the latest news and views.

Lady Butler-Sloss has, in a recent interview, explained that she would like to see parents who obstruct contact doing community service, to remind those parents that their actions will have unpleasant consequences. Butler-Sloss takes the view that this would be a good measure, as she feels community service could be carried out with minimal impact on the children involved. She does not address any possible social stigma the children may be affected by as a result of the measure nor the potential difficulties this measure would raise for parents who cannot afford child minders or whose children are still babies and need round the clock care, or are not yet in school.

Our question then, is simple: do you think this is a good measure for obstructive parents in the battle against…

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