The Story Of Kerry and Mark McDougall Continues

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The Story Of Kerry and Mark McDougall Continues

Yesterday afternoon, after a five hour wait with police sitting in their living room keeping them under house arrest (without an arrest, of course)  Fife Social Services came and took Ben and Lochlan McDougall into their custody. This will be a terrible long fight and both boys will need your help and support for them, and for Kerry and Mark.  The boys have been removed.  No one knows why?

The police turned up at midnight last night with Social Workers who asked if the family were going to return to Ireland  (where Social Workers deemed the family fine).  Mark asked if they could go out and visit the grandparents today. Social Worker said they could go wherever they pleased, there was nothing to stop them.

Yesterday, police turned up at approx 1pm.  Asked Mark and Kerry to remain in the house until…

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