Hair Strand Testing in Children – An Imperfect Science Plaguing The Family Courts?

Researching Reform

Widely respected and considered to be the leading McKenzie Friend for family matters, Shaun O’Connell over at Southern Family Aid has asked us to highlight an issue which may be a growing cause for concern within the family courts.

It seems that there is an increased use in the family justice system at the moment of hair strand testing of children, despite clear evidence which shows that these tests on their own can be unreliable. There is a good summary on this issue over at the McKenzie Blog, which mentions case law and precedent on the matter.

In the wake of DNA Testing firm Trimega Labs going bust due largely to the changes in legal aid which made the service unsustainable, it seems that other paternity, drug and alcohol testing companies are seeking to cash in on the potential to test children for the presence of drugs and alcohol…

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