Parliament Debate Child Welfare: Lots of Lords A-Leaping

Researching Reform

The House of Lords looks set to be quite busy next week, as they debate a number of topics related to child welfare. Our Pick of the Week is Thursday 26th June’s offering:

  • In Grand Committee: 11am – A debate promoting British values in all educational establishments in the UK in the next year, introduced by Lord Storey
  • In Grand Committee: 11am – This debate is set to look at preventing and addressing the abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Motioned by Baroness Walmsley / Baroness Northover
  • In Grand Committee: 1pm – A debate focusing on reducing the number of women (which includes mothers) given custodial sentences – Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill / Lord Faulks
  • In Grand Committee: 1pm – This discussion looks at ways of improving the response to women (which includes mothers) with multiple and complex needs including homelessness, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and physical…

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