MPs Recommend 10 Hour School Days For Underperforming Children, And Fail Our Families, Once Again

Researching Reform

It beggars belief, but a Committee tasked with looking at the performance of white working class children as they’re being called, have recommended in a recent report that underperforming children in this social demographic should spend 10 hours a day at school.

The thinking behind this stems from the alleged desire to allow these children to do their homework at school away from what are being termed ‘distractions’, at home. The report cites those distractions as other people in the home who may be eating, or watching television. The last time we checked, this happened in every home across the country during homework time, to varying degrees. The Chairman of the Select Committee, Graham Stuart MP, has already explained that no one has any idea why these children are under-achieving. Stuart tells us, “We don’t know how much of the underperformance is due to poor attitudes to school, a lack…

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