10-YEAR-OLD GIRL: 6 times in care, 6 times abused, back to Social Workers not Parents!

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Courtesy of Lincolnshire Police, just as with the Pedro family, who also featured in the book by late Paulette Cooper who wrote The Forensics of Legal Fraud:

16 minutes viewing and a few questions, depending on how well informed / initiated you are about

1. What’s unique in the UK:

  • 5 ‘unique selling points’ collated by veteran advisor Ian Josephs, who publishes Forced Adoption and gets 6 – 10 calls a day.

2. International Concerns about UK Law:

  • John Hemming MP‘s Early Day Motion – not signed by any other MP;
  • this research among 177 local councils showed that 6,645 non-UK children were taken into ‘care’ and 122 adopted.

3. It’s too much – my six minutes before the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014:

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